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We've Arrived!


Scott and I arrived at our Air BnB in Nosara for the week last Saturday, and here are a few tips to make travel a breeze. Not everyone is leaving from BWI, but the same advice applies. Arrive early and start your retreat with minimal stress.

BWI to Liberia, Costa Rica

We arrived at Southwest INTERNATIONAL Gate C a little after 6am and energy is HIGH with long lines at both bag check and TSA Pre Check.

bodhi - airport lines.jpg

We’ve traveled a fair amount and are usually on our game, but we wandered down Gate C and then looked at the Departures and realized Southwest flights leave from Gate B. There is a large food court area before entering (Jamba Juice, coffee etc).

After landing before customs we used the bathroom (immediately on the left when you enter the building) which was a good choice because the one located in the baggage area had long lines. I think it also made the customs line shorter.

After customs when you enter the baggage area on the left is an ATM. We hadn’t checked out the conversion rate ($100 US to 60,000 Colones) so I thought the machine would “think for me” and requested US dollars...and got exactly that! So if you want Colones , make that choice.

When we got outside the airport there was a man with a Bodhi Tree with sign that took us to our van. There was also a small shop with water bottles etc.

bodhi - airport ATM.jpg

The drive felt shorter than expected for us but there is no telling with Costa Rican roads. No cows crossing or traffic on two lane highways. Most of our trip was on paved roads, but definitely not the roads we are used to! Scott has occasional motion sickness and noticed a touch.

Looking forward to your arrival! We will be popping in and out of Bodhi Tree, so if there are any last minute question let me know.

(Remember the what to pack email? So glad I left the wedge heel cute sandals at home! Ladies casual sundresses, shorts & flat sandals/flip flops are all you will want. Definitely leave the white jeans. They will feel too sticky.)

Pura Vida,

Beth (& Scott)

¿Dónde estoy?

One of the coolest and most practical tech offerings is google maps and the ability to download maps for offline use.

2019-03-04 08.30.45.jpg

Wi-fi is readily available, but count on not having wi-if when you most want it.

Picture walking down to the beach or to a cafe in the evening with few street lights to guide you back to Bodhi.

How comforting it is to follow the little blue dot (from GPS which is available whether or not you have wi-fi) to your destination. It is a godsend! Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure is nice.

The blue dot shows your current position and the “flashlight beam” shows where you are pointing.

To download: Go to Google Maps and select an area (e.g. Nosara Guanacaste Province). Expand or shrink the map as you like (this affects the size of the downloaded file - anywhere from 5MB to 100MB or more).

bodhi - maps2.png
bodhi - map3.png

After it downloads, you can rename it. Now when you’re not connected, you can still use the GPS to locate your position and find your way around.