Comments from the Bodhi 2019 crew:

My most sincere thanks to Beth and Scott Graham for a well-planned, thoughtful retreat experience in the jungles of Costa Rica. The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort exceeded expectations in terms of the accommodations, dining experience, and friendliness of staff. The retreat centered around alignment yoga classes taught by Beth at Bodhi Tree’s gorgeous shalas and was complemented by well-organized group activities that allowed the retreat group to grow a bond that lasted beyond the retreat itself. Beth and Scott thought of everything for a successful retreat; I would definitely join them again!

Adriana, 44.

Everyone from experienced yogis to those with little or no previous yoga knowledge will enjoy and benefit from a retreat with Beth. Meticulous planning on her part allows you time to hit the pause button and connect with yourself, the spectacular surroundings and your fellow retreaters. The magic lasts long after the retreat ends.

Karen, 53

I will never be able to thank you and Scott enough for what you gave us; the gift was extraordinary and rare, and was a lifetime experience. I am forever grateful to you both.

Here is my testimonial:

Beth Graham is an exquisitely gifted instructor in the practice of yoga, and I had the extraordinary opportunity to attend a yoga retreat in Costa Rica with her this past March.

To say that the experience was a lifetime memory in the making is really an understatement. Our venue was at the Bodhi Tree resort; beautiful, open, friendly, and serene. We were able to practice yoga twice a day under Beth’s careful and personal instruction in practice venues that were breathtaking in their beauty. In between we were privileged to be able to explore the country and meet its people.

At 62 years young, I feel that my life is just beginning. I would recommend this trip to anyone, and am forever grateful.


20 pounds lighter and confidently heading to college 

Beth not only helped me improve my lifestyle and lose weight, but she also taught me valuable information about my body. She equipped me with all the information and knowledge I needed to go to college and continue to eat clean. I arrived on campus 20 pounds lighter and confident I can maintain that weight and stay healthy in a chaotic and stressful environment.


the best critical care

although beth graham and i met very recently, it was at a critical moment in my life. my treating MDs RNs and PAs are working to change a life threatening disease to a chronic disease with cutting edge IV medical treatments. however my diet was eggs & soup [occasionally even coke & hotdogs & milkyways].

beth approached me armed with a will of steel and enormous compassion.  she waged a successful but stealth campaign for my heart&mind towards the role nutrition could play in this battle.  in very small increments so that i barely noticed beth convinced me that i could change my diet/health and i have. 

i am proof of the benefits of eating beth's way -organic plant based/nutrient dense foods that are delicious.   i've now gained/kept on ~10% of my body weight [confirmed by bimonthly weighins].

i am ever grateful, as is my medical team

rebecca cohen DrPH

Goodbye Sciatica!

Beth Graham saved my career and my life!  Practicing General Dentistry (hunched over patients 8 hours a day for 40 years) is very stressful on my body and had left me with severe sciatica jeopardizing my ability to treat patients.  Beth suggested I try Yoga 4 years ago and it transformed my life! I am stronger, more flexible and my sciatica pain is completely gone. 

Beth's teaching style is simple, direct and extremely inspirational.  Her focus is to teach you the proper position for the Yoga poses and the anatomical benefits to the specific muscle groups being exercised.  Taking Beth's Yoga classes has also been a great way to reduce stress in my life naturally.  I can't thank Beth enough for all she has done for me.  Namaste Beth  

Mark Shulman DDS

Preparing Meals can be fun and easy!

My nutrition and cooking session with Beth reignited my passion for healthy eating and gave me the tools to make preparing meals and snacks fun and easy!   I received many delicious recipes that were individualized based on my tastes and needs. 

 Beth is a true Gift to the world of wellness.  Feeling Inspired!



Hi  Beth,

I can't thank you enough for your classes this week. I pulled a hip muscle 3+ months ago and have been in so much pain. I haven't had time for physical therapy and all the things that we did in your classes this week really helped my hip. I realized tonight that it doesn't hurt for the first time in three months. 

Thanks again for being the wonderful caring teacher that you are. I am truly grateful for your classes. 


"She has truly given me my life back!"

"Through yoga, Beth Graham has taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life, while continually challenging and motivating me. I have had MS for 30yrs. I am now 60 and never taken yoga before. My private lessons with Beth have improved my balance, posture and strength. She has truly given me my life back! This is within only 6 months! I look forward to my lesson every week. The sky is the limit. I was so lucky to find an experienced instructor like Beth. She has also become a good friend. 

Thank you Beth.


I have been able to do things that I never thought I would be able to do.

 I have grown in my personal yoga practice because of Beth’s clear and multifaceted ability to teach the most basic of poses, as well as the advanced. In working privately with Beth I have learned how to best protect my body while getting the most out of it.  She is always sympathetic and understanding of my goals for my practice and life. She is passionate about yoga and this comes through in her planning and her goal setting for our time together.  The growth I have experienced in the past year has been amazing. And because of this growth I have been able to do things that I never thought I would be able to do.  Thank you!