Since 1994 I have been equally passionate about yoga as I have about nutrition and I am on a mission to

share the benefits, so students, clients and those I meet day to day can feel good again! Let’s put

together a plan for you! Email me at



I believe the longest life relationship you have is with food. From your first day to your last it’s there for

you. Once you can find out through observation and discovery (and guidance) what foods are the ones

that work for you and which are your kryptonite you will be “free”. It’s amazing to be in control of your

food rather than them controlling you.


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Cooking & Coaching Lessons

Maybe you have heard and know how to “eat right”, but putting it into practice is daunting. This is

where I can help show you in your own kitchen. We will have a 15 minute conversation to determine

your preferences and needs. We will spend 2 to 3 hours cooking together and at the same time it will be

a food coaching session. You will learn how simple it is! Connect with me for more!

Food Coaching Lessons

In Person, Phone or Skype

Are you confused about what to eat with the conflicting advice? We will start with what you’re eating &

drinking now and trade up some choices and add others in so you have a meal plan & recipes plus “how

tos” to stay on track. We can take baby steps or huge leaps and so you can make the changes to suit

your lifestyle and goals.


I believe Yoga is accessible to everyone despite age and physical limitations I teach clients who range

from the high school athlete to 90 years old and also those who have Multiple Sclerosis to the middle

age business traveler with back pain (help here….better wording). I work with private clients one on

one and in small groups, larger corporate groups and also group exercise classes in some local clubs.


Meditation is the tool that teaches us most about ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to observe the

craziness of our mind so then we can choose what to keep and what to let go of. I like to teach a variety

of styles so the practitioner can tailor his/her practice to needs that change day to day. I teach large

public workshops as well as corporate and private clients.

I teach Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Cooking Lessons to large groups, corporate clients and one on

one to private clients. I would love to connect and share the benefits with you. We can take baby steps

or a giant leap depending where you are now and what your goals for your future self are.

Let’s connect for a free 15 minute phone consult to answer your questions.