Yogi Gal adds WEIGHTS...and how it can work for you!

After breaking a second toe last fall, I took it as a sign that I needed to add something to my routine. I could work on my basic walking skills as my husband Scott suggested, or add Resistance Training back! I hadn’t lifted weights since 2001, so when I opted to add them, I enrolled Carlos Dorsey  to help. The question was where to fit it into my schedule between private and corporate clients, group classes, and nutritional work. Also I was not going to give up the 2 to 3 yoga classes that I attend as a student each week.

My original plan was to meet with Carlos once a month and have him give me a routine that I could continue to work on at the gym. This worked initially when it was new, exciting, and my endorphins were high, but it wasn’t as effective long term as I hoped. Life happened with its highs and lows and what was lacking was my planning skill on when to fit it in. Many times I said to myself, “Darn if I had only planned my time better and brought my “trainers” I could have lifted.” 

Even with what some would perceive as a “failure” because of my lack of regular workouts I did notice that my yoga practice was getting stronger.  I was feeling steadier in poses like Crescent Lunge when I was adjusting my hips and engaging my core, so I knew I had a good thing going and refinement was all that was needed. 

So for Plan B I knew I needed to simplify the process and have Carlos create an at-home routine for me. Based on my past training with Carlos I wasn’t surprised after the initial workout with light weights (5, 8, 10 lbs) and an exercise ball how sore I was!  Now most days I can do a part of the workout like squats with an overhead press or do 2 to 3 sets of the 20 minute plan when I have the time.  The weights were roughly $20 a set and the ball and pump $15 at Target and they do not take up much space.  I’ll still go to the gym when I can fit it in to use the machines and larger weights, but with my new “home gym” it’s not hard to commit!