Holiday Wellness - Part 1 on how to fully enjoy the holidays

Winter holidays are upon us and with them are feelings of joy, celebration,  and even dread. We have more demands on our time plus the expectations we put on ourselves can grow and spiral out of control. With the days growing shorter and our To Do Lists growing longer, it is important to incorporate self-care and as the saying goes, “put the oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting others”!  Here are 7 tips to help you bring some wellness into what can be a stressful and busy season. 

  1. Holiday Intention List
    Before the holidays are in full swing sit quietly and make a list of what you would like create this season.  Post your list and meditate on it (or review it daily). This will help you keep what is most important in the forefront and let go of what is not. Holiday Intention List

  2. Breathe or Meditate
    Set 5 minutes aside at the beginning and end of the day to breathe. Simply inhale for a count of 3, pause at the top of the inhale and exhale for a count of 6. This technique of exhaling twice as long as inhaling is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. 

  3. Sleep
    Sleep is critical in feeling good! Without it caffeine and sugar become “borrowed” energy sources that in the end leave us feeling depleted. Make a plan to unplug and wind down at 9pm. Set an alarm for bedtime just like you do to wake up in the morning. Give yourself this space before bed to take a soothing bath, meditate, diffuse lavender in your room, read, and remember what makes this time of year magical. 


Tips 4- 7 next week for the good little boys and girls out there.