Holiday Wellness - Part 2 tips on how to enjoy the season!

One week has passed since tips 1 - 3. Calm, cool, and collected? Or feeling a little like Santa with the elves in the workshop on strike and orders backing up?  

george bailey in despair

If you're starting to feel like George Bailey before his guardian angel arrives, read on!

Tips 4 - 7 will help you find your groove during the holiday season.

  1. Exercise
    Our bodies are meant to move and not just in the warmer months! Bundle up and take a walk through the neighborhood to enjoy the holiday lights, or walk with neighbors to Belvedere Square for a casual dinner at the new Starlite restaurant or a glass of wine at Grand Cru. If you like it HOT co-ed Studio B has both yoga and barre classes that are heated along with their regular classes.

  2. Food
    The holidays are a time to indulge and enjoy foods that are special to the season. Trouble comes when the indulgences become a part of the daily routine with office parties, social events, and home holiday baking. The best way to gain some control is to create your daily food menu and plan for the days you will indulge based on your social calendar rather than random events. So when a coworker brings cookies into the office (and it’s not a “planned” indulgence day for you), say to yourself, “it’s not on my menu today” and say to your coworker, “I’ll get mine later” (and they don’t need to know that later isn’t today!).

  3. Drink Water and Limit Alcohol
    The body becomes dehydrated even in winter. We wake up in a dehydrated state losing up to 1 liter of water while we sleep. Start your day with 10oz of water or warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon before coffee or tea.
    With more parties and events, limit alcohol. It interferes with sleep and it is dehydrating plus can trigger craving. At a party have a glass of water between drinks.

  4. Practice saying “No Thank You”.
    Saying “no” to holiday cookie or social event can be just what is needed to feel well and in balance. Simply say, “I’m sorry I already have plans”, even if it is to have a quiet night at home to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” or to make time to exercise. Remember to not take on more obligations then your Holiday Intentions list allows.

We watch "It's a Wonderful Life" every year to remember what the holidays are really all about. Put that on your list too as #8!

George Bailey and family